PELLA — Rick Phillips, a Marion County resident, announced his election bid for Iowa’s 2nd U.S. House District on Sunday.

Phillips, a declared President Trump supporter, believes education should be the primary responsibility of parents, teachers, school boards and local communities and could produce better results at that level.

He also asserts Christianity and education are linked and that because Congress has allowed Christian influences to be removed over the past several years, it has led to much of the lowered achievement and violence we are witnessing today.

“Whoever controls the minds of the children steer the future direction of the country. The federal government’s forty-year involvement in education has been a dismal failure, failing to create resourceful, independent and patriotic American citizens that respect the flag, love our country and respect the values that made America great. It’s time to end this madness,” said Phillips.

Phillips, who began “testing the waters” and circulating nomination petitions this past June, points out that nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is education a federal responsibility and more of a protected Tenth Amendment right of parents closest to the children. He has filed a nomination petition with the Secretary of State to be on the ballot for the Primary Election to be held June 2.

Phillips said, “Parents have the greater and more legitimate interest of children and what they are taught above that of a monopolistic federal bureaucracy. They should then have the lawful right to protect their children from harmful influences coming from anti-Christian groups such as LGBTQ, cultural Marxist teachers, and Islam.”

Phillips wants to work with President Trump and is pro-family, pro-life and favors less government intrusion in families. He campaigns to stop the indoctrination of children with Islam, homosexuality, false genders, climate change, socialism, communism and Marxism. He believes the strength of the family is the social fabric and health of the state. Phillips supports defunding Planned Parenthood and supports constitutional amendments to protect human life at conception and marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman.

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