Seventh graders at Pella Middle School donated money to six charities and four local families during their annual Concessions Assembly on Friday.

Students raised $3,104.80 running their own concession stand business during the 2018-2019 winter sports season. Students chose charities to donate to in order to make a positive difference and to help other families in need.

The Thirst Project, Many Hands for Haiti, The American Red Cross and the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital received $400. The Well and Crossroads of Pella were given $300. A total of $800, or $200 each, was donated to the families to help with medical expenses.

“These people have done so much for our community to give back to our community, and we just want to make it better in any way that we can,” said seventh grader Mallory Westerkamp.

Students used the rest of their funds for end of the year activities.

Additionally, students were recognized for their contributions and hard work throughout the school year. Levi Hansen, Nathan Vanderwaal, Alexa Klein, Mollie Renaud and Grace Vanderbeek were awarded the Certificate of Citizenship for demonstrating great character throughout the school year. Jack Conrad was honored with the Top Character Award of 2019.

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