An annual action by the Marion County Board of Supervisors was intensified this year.

Each year, the board approves a budget amendment to bring the financial plan in line with actual revenues and expenditures. This year, due to natural disasters and other extenuating circumstances, the number of requests for budget amendments from county departments were doubled. County Auditor Jake Grandia read through the amendments at Tuesday’s regular board meeting. They included:

*Sheriff’s Office - Net income increase of $63,367. This is the result of housing out of county inmates through the year. Grandia said an increase like that is very unusual in a budget amendment.

*Court Services - Increased expenses of $23,500. An individual is being held at a facility in Toledo through order of the court. Marion County has to pay the bill.

*Zoning - Increased expenses of $10,000. This is due to an ongoing contract with engineering firm Snyder and Associates.

*911 - No net change. 911 Director John McCoy is paid through the general fund. His salary is then repaid to the county through 911 funds. This action reflects that move.

*Department of Human Services - Increased expenses of $6,500. This is for increases in postage and LP gas.

*Engineer’s Department - Increased revenue of $337,660. The Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursed the county this amount, which was spent during last year’s flood and tornado. It is actually not new money.

*Veterans’ Affairs - $10,000 increase in revenue, from a grant the department received.

*Conservation - $50,000 increase in expenses. Funds were transferred from a conservation account to pay for a capital improvement project.

*Public Health - Increased expenses of $60,000. More money has come into the department from other sources to help cover this.

*General Assistance - Increased expenses of $16,800 to help people with rent, utilities, etc.

*Medical Examiner - Increased expense of $6,000.

*Senior Nutrition - No dollar change.

*Environmental Health - Increased expenses of $39,865. This is due to the reorganization of the office and hiring of a full-time director.

Maintenance - Increased expenses of $29,970, due to a new boiler and other work.

*Mental Health - $275,000 increase in the total budget. Both revenue and expenses are increasing due to higher demand for services.

*Non-Departmental - Increased expenses for congregate meals of $34,000; $64,000 was transferred from certificates of deposit for expenses at the Care Facility; $18,000 in expenses for animal disposal through the Marion County Humane Society and action to reflect spending $45,000 of an $80,000 share of the radio interoperability grant. The county, with several others, received a grant to upgrade radio equipment to ensure interoperability among departments and in preparation for new requirements. Marion County received $80,000, with $45,000 being spent this year and $35,000 next.

The budget amendment passed unanimously. No other comments were made at a public hearing prior to the vote.

Other supervisors’ notes:

-Approved a Class “C” Beer Permit Renewal with Sunday sales for the Lake Red Rock Marina L.C.

-Approved work beyond right of way agreements between the Secondary Road Department and Melvin Rouwenhorst, Corwin Fee, Donald Murphy, Robert Boyd and Jon Miller.

-Authorized the Treasurer and Auditor to transfer funds from the General Basic Fund to the General Supplemental Fund. Each year, this transaction takes place to repay the interfund loan used to pay for the courthouse roof project. This was the fourth year for the transfer in a 10-year agreement.

-Approved a federal aid agreement for the completion of a bridge to replace the bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad on Virginia Street. County Engineer Roger Schletzbaum said his department has worked on the project for a long time and this agreement is another step. The federal aid will cover 80 percent of the cost, with the railroad picking up the other 20 percent. The next step in the process is negotiating the necessary right of way to do the work. The project should be bid next March.

-Approved an agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation to include pavement of certain intersections in a construction project on Highway 5/92. Schletzbaum said the DOT is planning an overlay project on part of the road between Knoxville and Pleasantville.

-Appointed Dr. Bryan Schaeffer to the board of health to fill a vacancy. His term will expire on Dec. 31, 2009.

-The board, along with Schletzbaum, Sheriff Ron Goemaat and Jail Administrator Scott Jerkins, went into closed session. The reason given for the closed session was to discuss strategy with an attorney regarding litigation or a situation in which litigation is imminent.

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