Despite the rain and cold temperatures, Bethany Christian Services of South Central Iowa hosted a 24-hour fundraising event, Tour de Toren 2019, on the Tulip Toren

The event began on May 10 at 5 p.m. and ended on May 11 at 5 p.m. It included a total of 23 riders who rode a total of 1,426 miles throughout the 24-hour period to raise over $22,000 to benefit the organization.

This event benefited two programs at the organization. The first is the expectant parent advocacy program, which helps expectant parents with basic needs and support regardless of an adoption plan. The organization believes that love grows brains, and when basic needs are met, it is a lot easier to love and care for yourself and the baby.

The second program, which they are excited to be expanding in a big way, is their post-adoption support. Oftentimes, adoption is thought of as a one-time event in people’s lives, but they know from experience that regardless of how or when the adoption happened, it can be a lifetime of processing.

These services are designed for anyone who is part of adoption (adopted people, adoptive or birth parents, adoptive or birth siblings or other family) regardless of who facilitated to adoption (Bethany, foster care, other adoption agencies, etc.).

“As a long-time participant of the Tour de Toren in its multiple forms and a self-professed endurance sport junkie, it’s humbling to be a part of events like this,” said new Director of Development Josh Cowman. “I believe that good stuff starts at the intersection of our passion and purpose. Doing something you love for someone or specifically a child you don’t know? That’s the stuff. I’m grateful to our sponsors, donors, supporters and riders for doing just that.”