Tulip Time Queen and Royal Court tour Capitol

Submitted photoThe 2019 Tulip Time Queen and Royal Court visited Secretary of State Paul Pate’s office earlier this week. Pictured from left to right are Mary Kate Bandstra, Camryn Huyser, Queen Olivia Vander Leest, Isabella Baugh and Emily Schreur.

DES MOINES – The Pella Tulip Time Queen and Royal Court toured the historic office of Secretary of State Paul Pate at the Iowa State Capitol this week.

The court was provided an informational tour of the office by Secretary Pate’s staff, which included examining the original handwritten Iowa Constitution, exploring the Capitol’s three-story vault and learning about the rich architectural history of the Iowa Secretary of State’s Capitol Office.

“Iowa has one of the most impressive state capitols in the country,” said Secretary Pate. “It is a historical treasure all Iowans should visit. I am pleased so many organizations and non-profits take the time to visit our beautiful office and learn more about the elections process, business services and all other programs my office has to offer.”