Horsebowl Team

The Marion County 4H Senior Horsebowl team, from left to right, are Courtney Fleming, Cheyanne Peek, Maren Egging and Shianne Votava. 

The Marion County 4H Senior Horsebowl team will work at the Pella Pizza Ranch to receive tip donations to fund a trip to the Western National Roundup and Stock Show in Colorado.

The second fundraising night will be held on Dec. 18 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Back in March, the junior and senior teams competed at the Iowa State Equine Extravaganza in Iowa Falls. The senior team won and was chosen to represent the state of Iowa at the show in January 2020.

The team consists of Maren Egging, 17 of Sully; Shianne Votava, 18 of Pella; Cheyanne Peek, 16 of Chariton; and Courtney Fleming, 17 of Pleasantville.

Horsebowl is an event through 4H that involves a team that answers one-on-one and open round questions regarding the equine industry. It encourages learning the different aspects of animal and agricultural industries. The team members have gained knowledge along with patience, teamwork, dedication, improved learning skills and good sportsmanship.

Come support these young ladies in their efforts, if able. If you bring in a coupon, the team will earn more funds. For questions, you can contact the team at

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