Tony Bokhoven

Tony Bokhoven

Tony Bokhoven

• Age: 47

• Hometown: Pella, Iowa

Q1: Why are you running?

I am running because our community needs leadership that will continue to honor its heritage, its citizens and make sound decisions that will posture Pella for a successful future.

Q2: What is your work/community background?

I am a former president of the Pella Chamber Of Commerce, executive board member for the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame (501c3) and a two-term council member of the city of Pella. Professionally, I am a freelance motorsports broadcaster for CBSsN, NBCsN & MAV T.V. I own a Professional Speaking and Brand representative service, am the lead announcer at the Knoxville Raceway and I am the sales, marketing and dealer development manager at Ring-O-Matic, Inc. in Pella.

Q3: What is the main issue facing your county/district currently?

There isn’t just one glaring issue that faces Pella. Being a council member is about representation. Pella is blessed to be a progressive city with sound employment and education offerings for its citizens. In addition to supporting those entities with infrastructure, our responsibilities go far beyond just the business sector. To retain all of our employers, big and small, and to afford our education entities to be desirable, technology is a key component the city can partner in to provide support. The Telecom Utility that is in process is an initiative that was supported by voters. Being able to provide voice, television, data and high speed internet service to everyone in Pella, is a major factor when you consider how people like to do business with one another, and provides our education institutions a fast, concise way of communicating locally and abroad.

Pella and its residents should all be proud that we are a community that is often referred to as unique. This is what makes us special and sets us apart from other communities in the state, both similar in size and larger. Areas like our historic neighborhoods that are well kept and welcoming, are what make Pella home. We need to continue to advocate for preservation while recognizing each individual family and their individual needs. Protecting our crown jewel facilities like the Pella Community Center is an issue that we can all benefit from. The services that are offered within the walls of this historic facility provide experiences for the young as well as millennial, Gen-Z and our distinguished elderly community. We cannot turn our back on those that have dedicated their life to Pella and have contributed in ways that make Pella so great. Because of this I fully and proudly support investing the Pella Community Center.

Housing continues to be one of those topics that in some way has morphed into a buzz word of sorts. We need to expand our offering and range of homes. We all have different views of what “affordable housing” really is, and that’s why we need to focus on an offering of many different price points. The city is actively working with developers on infrastructure to support the growth that Pella is currently experiencing. These are investments that support a community both today and into the future, and this is just another of the things a council member should be focused on.

Finally, air travel and the SCRA and the Pella Regional Airport continues to be a subject that has people on both sides of the conversation. I can’t stress enough the importance of improving safety for air travel at the Pella Regional Airport. It’s not a matter of who has aircraft and who doesn’t. It’s about supporting industry and education and the people they do business with, by providing a safe airport with adequate space, runways and facilities to support both Marion and Mahaska County.

I encourage every citizen to please vote on Nov. 5. Our community is very important to us all and making sure we have leadership that is focused on providing the amenities and lifestyle we all deserve. Being a council member isn’t about fun and games, it’s serious business that will ensure Pella is positioned for growth and sustainability long into the future. I appreciate your support and ask for your vote on Nov. 5.

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