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Nicole Presley 

After a few months of waiting, the Chronicle's e-edition will be available July 5.

I had written a column in April about the upcoming e-edition, subscription price changes and the email newsletter. Those changes are finally here.

We've implemented the daily newsletter, which runs Tuesday through Saturday. Now, an e-edition of the weekly paper will be available to subscribers. 

You'll will be able to access a complete copy of the Chronicle from anywhere on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Print subscribers will be able to set up an online account and anyone who isn't a print subscriber can set up an online only account.

If you're not quite committed to a subscription, either print or online, day passes will be available. This allows readers to pay for one day's worth of access to the website. 

Readers will also be able to put money toward future day passes with a “digital wallet.” This feature allows readers to put funds toward their next day pass without having to continually enter their credit card information into the website.

In addition to the subscription changes, the Chronicle's website will also get a makeover this month. Tentatively scheduled for July 21, our website will be redesigned and look similar to some of our sister papers, the Ottumwa Courier and the Clinton Herald. 

We continue to look forward to the changes coming to our website, which will allow our subscribers more access to our content.

As the Chronicle's website continues to update, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our daily email newsletter.

Nicole Presley is the managing editor of the Pella Chronicle. She can be reached in the newsroom at 641-628-3882, or by email at