House File 636 is a bill we all need to try to stop.

This bill would allow concealed carry on school parking lots, school driveways and sidewalks on school property. There are other troubling components of the bill, which would allow concealed carry in other public places. However, it is allowing concealed carry on school grounds that is most concerning to me.

Please contact Representative Thorup and Hite in the Iowa House and ask them to oppose this bill. The Iowa House number is 515-281-5566.

What is the next step if this bill becomes law? Legislation allowing concealed carry in school buildings? Have we forgotten Newtown, Ct? Have we forgotten Margaret Stoneman Douglas High School? Have we forgotten Columbine?

The responsibility of a school is to educate students and keep them safe. This bill accomplishes neither of those things. This bill could come forward for debate any day, so quick action is required. Public outrage can stop this bill. Please use your voice and write or call a legislator today.

Thank you,

Suzy Card