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Nicole Presley 

The Memorial Day weekend marked the anniversary of my grandmother's passing. Now, one year later, my parents are able to make the move from their home in Oskaloosa to my grandma's farm in Eddyville.

When grandma Presley died, my dad and aunt inherited the farm. While dad is working on purchasing my aunt's half of the farm, my family has begun getting their Oskaloosa home ready to sell. They've also begun making plans to move to the country.

Before my parents were able to begin moving, they, along with my aunt and uncle, helped take care of the farm over the past year. When dad came home he looked exhausted, but happy. You could tell he missed spending time at his childhood home.

The pride in taking care of grandma's farm brought a smile to his face.

There are many things my parents are looking forward to as they make the move. Some of those include the peace and quiet, being surrounded by beautiful scenery and giving their two dogs even more space to run and play.

The one thing they haven't been looking forward to is the actual moving. They've lived in their Oskaloosa home for over 25 years. There's a lot of stuff to go through that had been placed in storage closets.

My parents began packing for the move about a week ago. If any family member isn't at work, they've spent every other moment packing totes and boxes.

As my mother packs, she takes a frequent trip down memory lane. It could be the toys my brother and I played with when we were little or the records she has kept since high school.

I can imagine my brother and father are probably throwing what they can in a tote and calling it good. Mom, however, seems to be putting a little more thought into her packing.

During a recent visit, mom began telling me about some of the stress that comes with moving. In her story, she had become frustrated. She stopped for a moment and heard a cardinal bird singing outside her window.

There's a saying that if a cardinal visits it's a sign that a loved one from heaven is watching over you. So just as mom was feeling stressed about the move, a cardinal sang for her outside her window. It was like grandma was watching over her and telling her it would be OK.

As my parents continue to move, we continue to pay tribute to grandma's memory and the beautiful farm she's given our family. My parents are excited to move to the country and mom has an angel helping her pack.

Nicole Presley is the managing editor of the Pella Chronicle. She can be reached in the newsroom at 641-628-3882, or by email at