Is the Russian collusion narrative nothing more than a ruse to distract from something more sinister? Which ideology is being more aggressive, communism or Islam? During the past 20 years, Islamic mosques have been popping up everywhere. Where are the Russian indoctrination centers being built? Where are the Russian terrorist training camps in the U.S.? Where are the Russian no-go zones? How many Russian KGB agents are holding offices appointed by BarackObama as opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood? Is Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton's advisor, a Russian operative working for the Kremlin or a devout Iranian Muslim who follows the Koran?

America is being invaded not by communism but by ideological imperialistic Islam. Islam is what drove 19 terrorists to destroy the World Trade Center. Islam has embedded sleeper cells throughout this country waiting to terrorize, not the Russians. The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR organizations are actively operating in each state capital, working as lobbyists. These organizations are surreptitiously advancing the tenets of Sharia law and undermining the Constitution. I would also assert Islamic fundamentalists are behind advocating gun control (confiscation), destroying American history, the assault on law enforcement and organizing riots and dissension.

Maybe Americans are paying too much attention to communist Russia and not enough to the Muhammadan invasion. Why is the media so silent about this? I would encourage studying Islam's 1,400-year history, their ideological objectives and the teachings of Muhammad. The signs are everywhere and the threat of invasion is not coming from Russia.

Rick Phillips, Pella