Weekly Online Poll: July 19

The Pella Chronicle posts an online poll on our website, pellachronicle.com. Each week we feature a different question. Answers from the online poll will be featured in the following week's opinion page in the Chronicle. Each week's question will also be featured in the Chronicle for those who would like to call in their answer instead of filling out the online poll. To call in your answer to the weekly poll, dial 641-628-3882. All polling answers for that week will stop being collected at 4 p.m. the Monday before publication.

Last week's question was, “Starbucks announced that it would eliminate plastic straws from all its locations within two years and use straws made from biodegradable materials. It cited ocean pollution as one of the reasons to reduce their waste. How do you reduce waste?” 

Answers included, “Recycling as often as I can,” “Composting,” “Reusing items” and “Other.” There were nine people who participated in last week's poll. Six voted, “Recycling as often as I can.” One each voted, “Composting,” “Reusing items” and “Other.”

This week's question is, “On July 16, President Donald Trump challenged the findings of the U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election while standing next to President Vladimir Putin during a news conference. What was your reaction?”

–I don't think he said anything wrong.

–I thought he should have stood up to Putin and defend the U.S.

–I don't really care about the press conference