The Pella Shooting Team continued the 2019 Scholastic Clay Target Program State Championships by participating in State Sporting Clays at the Mahaska County Izaak Walton League of America in Oskaloosa, June 15 through June 16.

For this event, the Rookie Division (5th grade and under) and the Intermediate Divisions (6th - 8th grades) shot 150 targets at 15 stations. The Senior Division (9th - 12th grade) shot 100 targets at 10 stations Saturday and Sunday for a total of 200 targets.

During the weekend’s event, 26 teams were represented. In total, 249 athletes competed. Of those 249 athletes, 12 were in the Rookies Division, 75 were in the Intermediate Divisions, and 162 were in the Senior and Collegiate Divisions.

The Pella Shooting Team would like to recognize the hard work of their athletes. At the state championship, Ty Van Vliet received 2nd place in the Rookie Men’s Division. Trenton Shawler received 2nd place and Trenton Mohn received 3rd place in the Intermediate Entry Men’s Division.

Madalynn Schroder received 2nd in the Intermediate Entry Ladies' Division. Haley Starmer was 2nd in the JV Ladies’ Division, and Elizabeth Eisenbarth was runner-up in the Varsity Ladies Division.

Several squads placed during the state championship event as well. For squad awards, the scores of the three athletes on the squad are added together.

The 1st place squad for the Rookie Division went to Lydia Brackin, Ty Van Vliet, and Nathan Van Engen. For the Intermediate Entry Division, 1st place squad went to Dawson Geetings, Jake Van Wyk, and Trenton Shawler. The 2nd place squad went to Logan Bruxvoort, Madalynn Schroder, and Ryan Steenhoek.

For the Intermediate Advanced Division, 2nd place squad went to Alec Vande Noord. Deacon Yeoman, and Keaton Ryken. For the JV Division, 2nd place squad went to Amelia Cyza, Haley Starmer, and Cooper Vos.

Awards are also given to athletes that recognize their hard work over the entire event season.

League awards were given based on the top three scores an athlete has achieved during the 2018-2019 season.

In the Rookie Division, Ty Van Vliet was 1st for men, and Lydia Brackin received 1st for ladies.

In the Intermediate Division, for Men’s Intermediate Entry, 1st place went to Logan Bruxvoort, 2nd place to Trenton Shawler, and 3rd place to Dawson Geetings.

For Ladies’ Intermediate Entry, 1st went to Madalynn Schroder.

For Men’s Intermediate Advanced, 1st place went to Alec Vande Noord, 2nd place to Dacon Yeoman, and 3rd place to Ian Beyer.

In Ladies Intermediate Advanced, 1st place went to Josey Ridley, and 2nd to Erin Mathes.

For Men’s JV, 1st place went to Carver Van Zee.

For JV Ladies, 1st went to Haley Starmer, 2nd to Erica Brackin, and 3rd to Amelia Cyza.

For Ladies’ Varsity, 1st place went to Cheyanna Sheaffer, 2nd to Elizabeth Eisenbarth, and 3rd to Grace Eisenbarth.

There were also squad awards given for league. These awards are given to the top three athletes in each division.

For the Intermediate Division, 1st place went to Alec Vande Noord, Deacon Yeoman, and Logan Bruxvoort.

For the Senior Division, 3rd place went to Noah Seelye, Camren Westerkamp, and Nathan Dunsburgen.

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