The 2016 Sports Year in Review at Pella High was filled with highlights in most of the sports the school offered.

Listed below will be the top 33 highlights for 2016. The list easily can be debated. The list is compiled by Chronicle Sports Editor Perry Bell.

The list is more for fun than actual debate. It’s a time to reflect back to the 2016 season and enjoy as described below and as depicted by the photos that were selected.

It was one very joyful and successful season that may never again be duplicated. Take into consideration that a total of nine Pella High teams had a top-four finish at state, of that group seven were either first or second.

This review is only for events covered on the sports pages. For instance, dance and drill teams are covered by the news staff. They are not included in the top 33 sports highlights.

There is actually a tie for the top sports story for 2016. In reality it is tough to top Pella’s recent dominance in the sport of football, with a three-peat performance, but the Pella High boys’ track team won a state title as well and they deserve top billing also. The stories will be labeled 1A and 1B with no significance to the A or B except to distinguish the two.

Team events are ranked higher than individual accomplishments. After the top nine in the ranking, numbers are simply attached to the stories to simply distinguish one from another.